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Can you sort it?

Can you sort it? 


In this lesson we will be thinking about finding solutions to situations where people don't agree. By the end of the lesson you will have some strategies and skills that you can use when you find yourselves in a similar situation.


Read the Kiki sorts it out story and follow it up using the prompt questions shown in italics in the story.


Sometimes it is important for a person to negotiate a compromise with someone else, so that they are both happy with the result, even if it's not exactly what either of them wanted. This means they work together to come to an agreement.

You are going to look at some scenarios that require negotiation and compromise, look at the Can you sort it? scenarios on the cards and work out if there is a compromise that means that everyone is OK with the outcome. 

After you have had a go think about: 

  • Which of the scenarios were easiest to sort out and which were the hardest? Why?

​​​​​​​Make a class list of tips for sorting out differences with your friends, e.g:

  • Take turns fairly
  • Be kind or flexible and go with someone else’s idea
  • Find something else you all want to do