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This term we are learning:

The children in the Sunny Room will be following an adaptation of the year 4 curriculum. For an overview please go to the year 4 webpage.

In addition to this the children will be working on the following areas:


Speech and Language Sessions.

Our speech and language therapist comes into The Sunny Room every other Wednesday to work with the group. The focus this term will be sharing and taking turns to play activities and understanding other peoples feelings. This gives the children opportunities to share, take turns and learn to work with each other playing games in a variety of activities. Individual pupil sessions are also set up to work on specific targets within the child’s IEP’s. These are implemented on a weekly basis by The Sunny Room team. 


Social Skills

This will be taught through PSHE lessons . This will enable the children to work in groups and understand the concept of body language. This will be implemented using games and activities with prompt cards and a specific focus on manners. empathy, and respect.  These core values help the children develop friendships and feel valued in the group.