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Ditty Group

Begin each phonics session by recapping the Set 1 and Set 2 sounds that your child has learnt so far. You can use the links below or the flashcards your child should have in their phonics packs at home. You can also use the nonsense word cards to check your child is able to apply the newly taught sounds to their reading.

Ditty Sheets

If your child is now reading Ditties, see below for instructions on how you can teach them at home as well as the link to the Ditty sheets 1-28. Please note, these sheets on the website are a slightly updated version to the ones we may have sent home but the principle is still the same.

How to read Ditties with your child:


1. Use one Ditty sheet per day.

2. Go through the Set 1 Speed Sounds with your child - using either the desktop speed sounds chart from the pack, the Set 1 Slideshow or the green Set 1 sounds book.

3. Get your child to say the speed sounds on the top of the Ditty sheet.

4. Get your child to say each of the letter sounds and blend them together to say the green words.

5. Read the sentences with your child.

6. Read the 'Question to talk about' and record your child's answer. You may need to repeat the sentences again to give some clues.

7.  Read the 'Hold a sentence' and repeat in different tones of voice with your child.

8. Write the sentence and encourage your child to copy it in their purple book or on a piece of paper. Remind them to start the sentence with a capital letter, use finger spaces and full stops.

9. Build a sentence using the word cards from your pack. Remind your child to still include a finger space and full stop. These word cards can be stuck in the purple book.