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Expressive Arts and Design

Summer 2022

Caterpillar or Butterfly Painting

  • Draw or paint a caterpillar or a butterfly.
  • What colours do you need?
  • What different parts do you need to draw?
  • Talk to an adult about your picture.

Nature Minibeasts

  • Collect some natural materials, such as leaves, pebbles and sticks.
  • Can you make a minibeast using the natural materials?
  • You could take a photo to share at school!
  • Can they guess what minibeast you created?

Spring 2022

Paint an Egg!

  • Jaya and Ali have fun painting Easter eggs.
  • Try painting or decorating your own egg.
  • You could paint a hard-boiled egg or use a plastic egg instead.
  • You could also draw and decorate a paper egg.
  • What pictures can you draw on your egg?
  • What else could you use to decorate your egg?

Easter Treats

  • Make some Easter treats to share with your family.
  • You could make biscuits or cakes and decorate them too!

Dinosaur Junk Modelling

  • Gather together some playdough or some empty boxes and create your own dinosaur.
  • You could use a book or a toy to help you build it.
  • You could paint it when you have finished making it.
  • Ask someone to guess what type of dinosaur it is.

Building a House for the Three Little Pigs!

  • Build a model of a house that you think would stay standing when the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed.
  • You could try blowing it with a hairdryer to test it out!

Design a House for the Three Little Pigs!

  • After the Three Little Pigs got rid of the Big Bad Wolf, they enjoyed living together in the brick house.
  • However, after a while they decided it was too small for them and they needed to build a new house.
  • Draw a picture of a new house you have designed for the Three Little Pigs.
  • Label it to show why it is perfect for them.

Autumn 2021

On Safari!

  • Use some junk modelling materials to make some equipment that will help you when you are on safari.
  • It could be a camera, some binoculars or something else completely different!

Bonfire night

  • It has recently been Bonfire Night!
  • Draw or paint a picture of fireworks in the sky.

Autumn walks

  • Go on an autumn walk with a grown up and collect some autumn leaves.
  • Use these leaves to make a picture or a collage.