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Lesson 1

This week our first lesson is all about introducing what is meant by the term Hindu and who they are. 


I would like you to watch this video where you meet Simran and Vraj. They follow the Hindu religion and they tell us about their hobbies and the food they eat.


Like most Hindus, they believe God is present in all living things, so part of their faith is being vegetarian.

They also believe in rebirth after death. If they live good lives they will have good karma and become one with God instead of continuing to be reborn.


Hindus believe in one God who is present in all living things, but have millions of gods and goddesses that help them to understand God in different ways. Last term we looked at some of these gods and even designed our own!



Now you have watched the video and learnt all about Simran and Vraj I would like you to reply to them. Imagine you are sending them a postcard explaining all about your life and values. Think about giving them the information that they have given you for example;

What do you eat?

What do you believe? 

What are your hobbies? 

Who do you live with?


You might like to include some questions you have for them!