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Monday: In school we are going to be sequencing the story this week. In the first lesson I'd like you to put the 6 attached pictures into the correct order. If you don't have access to a printer don't worry, you can complete a little sketch of each image. Remember it's a literacy lesson not an art lesson so stick people are perfect. Remember to draw / stick your pictures going down the page one under the other - we need space to write our sentences next to them tomorrow!

Tuesday- Look back at your sequenced images from yesterday. Today & Wednesday if you need it we are going to be writing a sentence to go with each of these images. Make sure you use the useful words list posted below as well as the class story map image to build your sentences. All of the children have been learning the story map over the past week so building our sentences should be fairly easy! We will post a video reminder later to help you all!

Wednesday: Make sure you have completed your sentences from yesterday. Look back through your sentences and check for mistakes. Have you used the spellings sheet to help you? Can you spot any missing punctuation e.g. full stops, capital letters or even speech marks or apostrophes. The class story map will help you to spot them.

Thursday / Friday - On Thursday & Friday we are going to writing up the story in our neatest handwriting. We will be using our work from Tuesday and Wednesday to supply a base for our story but now we are going to try and write up the whole story! If you find this tricky I have also attached a fill the gap activity to support! :)

Monday - Our new focus story 'There's a snake in my school' has lots of apostophes to show possession. Have a look at the following video and complete the attached activity.

Tuesday - This week we will role playing speech and concentrating on adding the speech marks " and " when somebody is speaking. We will be dealing with the misconception that speech marks go at the end of a sentence. Can you complete the attached activity by writing our the sentences and adding the speech marks in the correct place. 

Wednesday - Can you write your own speech for the three freeze frames from our new class text. These can be your own ideas or you can use some inspiration from the story. You can listen to the story at

Thursday - In school we are creating our class story map for our new story alongside the above activities. At home I would like you to create a fact file on caring for a snake as it will feed into our topic looking at habitats. Use today's lesson to read the attached fact file and make notes of any important facts you find out. You can do your own independent research online or using any books you have too!

Friday - Create your 'How To' guide on caring for a snake. You can use the template provided or make one of your own.

Remember: If you don't have access to a printer it's fine! Read the activities online and write directly into your 10 minute challenge books. :)