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Summer Term 2

We will be looking at " The Smartest Giant In Town" in talk for writing. The children will write a story map for the story and learn the story and the actions so they can confidently retell it.

We will be designing outfits and ties for the giant which will link in with our new role play area which is the Town' clothes shop. The children can try on and buy the clothes and shoes and even dress up like the giant. This gives them the opportunity to use money and practise their getting dressed and undressed skills! Also it will test their hanging and tidying skills.


The children will be testing out the best material to use for the fox's sleeping bag and then make their own "sleeping bag" for the fox. This will challenge their experimental skills.

As the school production is this half term we will be practising for our " Singing In The Rain" dance-hopefully you all have the lyrics we recently sent home,  for you to support your child with learning the words.


Swimming will continue for five weeks this term on Wednesday ,as usual, and we are so pleased with how skilled the children are at getting ready for swimming and then drying themselves and getting themselves dressed again afterwards.

We will be continuing with Maths Make Sense and phonics as usual. Your child will have a new guided reading book every week and again we thank you for your support with this.

We are currently organising a trip which will support the children's Understanding of The World  and we will be sending home details very soon.




Summer Term 1

This term we are looking the "The Little Red Hen" story and we will learn it through our story map and actions. The children will write their own story but will change the animals and the setting. Perhaps change the ending so the lazy animals see the error of their ways. 

Our role play area indoors will be a farmhouse kitchen and the children will learn how to lay a table with cutlery and serve a "meal". Outdoors we will have Construction Area ,role play area.

We will look at the journey of wheat from a seed;to flour ;to baking bread. The children will have the opportunity to bake bread.

We will study farm animals and their young and will link it to a trip to a local farm. 

We will continue with our phonic groups and guided reading.

In maths we will be looking at maths stories with addition and subtraction and division. We will be looking at capacity using the language full, half full, empty, nearly full.


Please check back here at the end of every half term to see all the amazing things that what we have learnt in our topic. 

Topic Book Spring 1 - 2017

Autumn 1 Topic Book - Marvellous Me