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Maths resources - 22/04/20

W/C: Monday 23rd March 2020


We have been looking at things that 'match' in maths recently and how to make pairs. Using the link below, can your child match the correct shoes together. How do they know that they match? What makes them the same?

Once they have completed this activity, have a look around your home and see if they can find other things that match or make a pair (e.g. socks/shoes/gloves/curtains/etc).

Get your child involved in pairing socks - look at the differences and similarities. Below is a link to a printable sock matching game.

Have go at playing a game of pairs, if you do not have these sorts of games at home then there is a link below to print a set of matching cards 1-20. Equally, give your a child a number and see if they can find that amount of items around the house. For example "Find 5 shoes" or "Find 8 pencils".