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In the final week before the half term break we will be completing a series of Assessment lessons. These activities will show Mr Bayliss which areas, if any, need working on over the coming weeks until Christmas. So although these activities will need explaining, they should be completed independently. 

WB 30/03/20


Monday - If 10 is the answer, what is the question? Write the number 10 in the middle of you page. Can you write all the maths stories you know where the answer is 10. Start with + (think about your numberbonds / NumBots game) then -. Challenge your brain, what about x or ÷ maths stories?

Challenge - What if the answer is now 20? Can you use any of the maths stories for 10 to help you? 


Tuesday - In your maths book (you will need the squares) can you complete vertical / column addition and subtraction calculations. This is something we have worked on over the past year, remember to line up your columns correctly and work from the cups (units). You can choose from 1 chilli to 3 chilli questions, 1 chilli involve no tricky columns. 

Tuesday Column Addition and Subtraction

Wednesday - Over the past few weeks we have been looking at coins and their values. Using any spare change or by drawing the coins; how many different ways can you make 25p? Can I use a 3p or a 4p coin? Why?

Challenge: How many different ways could you make 75p?


Thursday -  Using the split pin clocks that were sent home. Warm up -can you make o'clock and half past times? Can you make quarter past and quarter to times? - a fun video - levels 1-6


Friday - Continue the sequence. Can you spot the pattern? Can you continue the sequence / pattern? Remember you don't need to print the sheet / activity but can complete in your books. Have you been practicing TT Rockstars?


NumBots / TT Rockstars -  Make sure you are practicing NumBots or TT Rockstars multiple times each week in addition to the set maths activities.

Friday sequencing activities