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Please see below for useful links and the National Curriculum objectives for Year 1.

Numbots Game:

Please continue to use Numbots regularly and practice key Maths skills. The link below should take you straight to the login page. If you need login details or have trouble signing in, please let me know -


BBC Bitesize:

Link provided for useful games and videos that cover lots of different areas of Maths such as:


-Times tables

-Adding & subtracting







100 Splat Square

This resource is great for helping your child in so many ways! Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, finding one more and one less than a given number, noticing patterns and adding and subtracting.



National Curriculum objectives:

In Year 1, the children will learn mathematical skills that range from place number and counting to money and problem-solving skills. This guide, based on the national curriculum for England, has been created to help you support your child at home on their Year 1 maths journey. Please see below for the downloadable PDF documents. Keep scrolling for some useful links to help your child with their learning.