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Pre School Routines

Our Pre-School Routines 


The Pre-School gate is opened at 8.50am; due to current Covid-19 restrictions parents are asked to bring their child to the entrance gate where they will be met by a member of staff. Please don't worry, our staff will make sure all the children are settled in!


Once the children have arrived, we have "mat time" where the children can share things that they have, or things they have done, with their friends such as certificates or badges. 


We have snack at 10.00am where the children are able to choose from a selection of fruit, vegetables and other healthy snacks, along with a choice of either milk or water. After snack we go outside so the children are able to run around during our five minute walk. 


Of course, as well as all of this, there is time to play! The children's Key Workers will observe and make notes of the amazing things your children can do; these observations will be added to their learning journeys. 


At 12 noon we all sit down together to have lunch. 


After lunch there is more time to play and explore all of the toys we have both inside and outside. 


Children are collected at 2.50pm.