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Reading for Pleasure

Our Class Book Reviews

Every Friday in Reception Class, we take it in turns to take our class reading buddy, Cotton Tail and her favourite story Peter Rabbit: A Peep-Inside Tale, home to share with the people we live with. We especially enjoy lifting the flaps in different parts of the story and looking at the illustrations.


After looking after our class reading buddy for the weekend, we then bring it back into school on Monday to talk about with our friends. We complete the book review sheet and talk about which parts of the story we enjoyed, draw a picture of our favourite part and give the book a star rating out of five!






"It was amazing".


"The best book ever!"





"I loved the end of the book because I got to lift the flap up to see his family in the den. I also liked spying naughty Mr Fox".


"Peter Rabbit hiding from Mister Fox. Good book!"


"I like Peter".





"I love Peter Rabbit, because he is so fluffy. I liked when he was hiding in the flowerpot from Mr. Tod".





"I loved the book Peter Rabbit A Peep Inside Tale. My favourite part was when he got back safe in the burrow to his mum".


"It was exciting to read about Peter on his travels".


"His pointy ears".


"I loved the book".



"My favourite part is Peter hiding in the pots".



"It made me happy to listen to this story".


"I love the book and the Peter Rabbit teddy".



"I liked it when the rabbit ran into his house".


"I liked the fox trying to catch the rabbit".



"I liked this book, my favourite part was Peter Rabbit with the fox".


"Good story, I love the pictures".