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S2 Week 3

I am aware that there is a fair bit to read for some of the afternoon lessons so have set these as your Reading activity when it fits to (hopefully!) help. Please read your current/ favourite book in addition and you can always choose some of the 'Reading Challenge' cards (see Week 1) to complete if you wish. 


Please read through the information on the PPT about Sound (to help with this afternoon's lesson). Use the provided link to take you to our Science page:


We will be continuing our Reign Over Us Topic this afternoon and learning all about Henry VIII as we explore our 3rd Key Question. Please read through the information on the PPT using the provided link to take you to our Topic page:


As a continuation from yesterday's Topic lesson, please complete the reading comprehension activity about Henry VIII. Choose the relevant challenge level (by scrolling down) and remember I can help with this via email or the Class Blog if you are unsure. Answers/ suggestions are also provided:


For Reading today, we will be carrying out a visual literacy lesson, please use the link below to access the image and answer the questions provided. You can even challenge yourself to complete the linked writing activity should you wish :) 


For today's free reading, why not try reading in a new spot- maybe one that was recommended by one of your classmates last week? Please remember to send any book recommendations to the Class Blog :)