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S2 Week 4

Talk For Writing- Amazing Aliens (Full Booklet):

Week 4:

There is no set daily work this week as I know you'll work at different paces.

This week we would like you to revisit your work from last week, then use your plan and the Zargon 9 example (found on page 14 of booklet or use the link above to listen to the audio file) to write your own log.

Remember to:

  • add detail to your sentences using and or but;
  • add explanation to your sentences using because
  • use fronted adverbials as sentence openers, such as 'After that,' 'Without warning,' (remember a comma always follows a fronted adverbial);
  • check your capital letters at the start of sentences, full stops at the end and commas after your fronted adverbials.

Don't forget to keep reading back through your writing to check it flows and makes sense.

I can't wait to read your logs!


Optional Extra:

Depending on how you're getting on, there is a fun persuasive writing activity that links to the text we've been using. Details can be found on page 18- 21 (including how to make a leaflet for your persuasive advert).