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Star of the Week!


‘STAR’ of the Week

Each week the grown-ups choose a member of our class to be star of the week and they get a special certificate in celebration assembly. To be a star of the week you have to be spotted doing something extraordinarily fabulous. I wonder who will amaze us in this week.



9th June 2016 - Frankee  she included all the required elements of writing in her Little Red Riding Hood story. 

26th May 2016 - Chelsea for trying very hard with joining up her letters in handwriting,. 

19th May 2016 - Ronnie for passing his  times table test and for reading a home. 

12th May 2016 - George for his outstanding spelling.

5th  May 2016 -  no star of the week.  

28th April 2016 - Alice - for adding detail to her persuasive letter. 

21st April 2016 - William for writing a detailed character description of Nessie.

14th April 2016 - Anya - For using a thesaurus to find more interesting words to describe Nessie 


2015 - 2016 SPRING TERM

21st March 2016 - Ronnie - for remembering to put in the capital letters and full stops in his writing. 

18th March 2016 - Lilly for writing a detailed story opening.  

10th March 2016 - William - for writing a detailed description.

3rd March 2016 - Tiffany p for using her imagination to adapt a poem and made it better.

24th February 2016 - Charlie for using his observational skill to draw a detailed trainer. 

11th February 2016 - Maisie for writing a fantastic persuasive letter.

4th February 2016 - Aaron, Logan S. & Jacob - they all managed to swim a few strokes for the very first time unaided. Well done.

28th January 2016 - Aaron - because he is using his phonic knowledge to sound out words when writing. 

21st January 2016 - Alice - because she wrote a fantastic letter to Florence thanking her for her visit.

14th January 2016 - Jimmy - because he has been trying very hard with his reading. 

7th January 2016 - Jemima - because she made a fantastic posters showing the 7 features of a persuasive text. 


2015 - 2016  AUTUMN TERM

      7th September 2015 - Frankee because  she have given her

writing a lot of thought this week. 


17th September 2015 -  Chelsea because she has passed her 2 times table test and has used some interesting adjectives in her writing.


24th September 2015 - Anya because she has produced a detailed text map for a set of instructions and for scoring 2 rounders in PE this week. 


1st October 2015 - Finlay is working so hard in phonics. He uses all the sounds he knows to help him read and write beautifully. Well done.


Morgan has been a true friend to Tia. He has helped her to settle into Cherry Orchard and has been kind and thoughtful.  


8th October 2015 - Logan C for working hard in phonics. He can now make sentences his own by adding adjectives and connectives. He is also applying his phonic understanding in his reading.


15th October 2015 - Luke for trying hard at 'boxing up' a set of instructions about how to make a magical leaf fairy. I am looking forward to reading the finish set of instructions.


22nd October 2015 - Finlay for overcoming his shyness and joining in with a sentence game. Well done.


5th November 2015 - George for trying hard with his handwriting. Well done I have noticed the difference. I am proud of what yo have achieved this week.


12th November  2015 - Sophia - for showing great maturity and sensitivity when supporting her partner. Well done.  


19th November 2015 - Emily - for writing a fantastic story about Peter Rabbit. 


26th November 2015 - Logan S - for using his planning sheet effectively  to write a story based on the enormous turnip. 


3rd December 2015 - Chloe for being a very good maths partner .She was polite, patient and offered a lot of praise. Well done.  


10th December 2015 - Isabel for trying so hard with her writing and not only has her handwriting improved but also she has some interesting ideas.

Aaron - He is a star in PE. He can climb a rope to the very top showing excellent technique. 




2014 -  2015 


 September 2014 –       Milo, Alexander, Ross 



        October 2014 - Richard, Leah, Holly 



        November 2014 – Joseph, Liam, Mazie 


          December 2014 - Jayden, Casie-Leigh, Jack


         January 2015 - Alexander, James  


           February 2015 - Alfie


        March  2015 - Joseph


        April 2015 - Jack


        May 2015 - Megan, Gerard


        June 2015 - Lydia