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Star of the Week!

‘STAR’ of the Week

Each week the grown-ups choose a member of our class to be star of the week and they get a special certificate in celebration assembly. To be a star of the week you have to be spotted doing something extraordinarily fabulous. I wonder who will amaze us in this week.  




07.07.16 - Alisha -  Alisha has  impressed us with the effort she has put in to learning the class dance and helping to lead her line! She has also been showing us her fantastic singing in assembly when practicing for the school show! 

30.06.16 - Malia - Malia always has a fantastic attitude towards her learning. She has also been an excellent leader for our class dance in end of year show. 

09.06.16 - Zoe - Zoe has impressed us with the effort she has made  with the presentation of her work. She is staying focused on tasks and is producing super work! Well done Zoe!

19.05.16 - Maisie - We are very proud of Maisie this week as she  has been working hard on her  writing and wrote a  fantastic story! Well done Maisie 

12.05.16 - This week Miss Secker is really impressed with Jack, Molly and Carla, they have been working  really hard during hot listing and are now much more confident with the set 2 and 3 sounds.

12.05.16 - Lily -   Lily is always trying her beast and has been making a fantastic effort with the presentation of her work. 

21.04.16 - Tayla - Tayla has impressed us this week with her fantastic letter that she wrote to Paddington bear.

14.04.16 - Filip  -  Filip always tries his very best and has been doing excellent maths work this week.

10.03.16 - Aaliyah -  Aaliyah is becoming an independent learner and created a fantastic poetry map this week! 

03.03.16 - Aimee - Aimee has been  a fantastic talk partner in maths this week and  always tries her very best. 

26.02.16 - Riley -  Always tries his very best and takes pride in his work. He wrote a fantastic recount about his holiday this week! 

11.02.16 - Malia - Malia always takes pride in her work and shows fantastic listening skills. She is a great friend to everyone. 

04.02.16 - Tayla - Tayla always tries her best in maths and takes great care of her presentation.


25.01.16 - Jessica - Jessica always tries her best, and  has been impressing us this week with some super story writing.  


18.01.16 - Filip - Filip has impressed us this week with fantastic phonics and handwriting! Well done Filip.


11.01.16 - Mackenzie - Mackenzie has a fantastic atttiude towards learning and takes pride in his work.


        4/01/16   -  Jack -  For always trying his best and sharing fantastic ideas in our     class  disscussions . Well done Jack.

17/12/15 -  Bella -  Bella's reading is getting better and better. She has excellent comprehension skills and it is a pleasure to hear her read. smiley

10/12/15 - Liam.N and Lauren - We are very proud of Lauren and Liam. They have both used their phonics to help them write excellent stories. Well done to the both of you. smiley

3/12/15 - Joshua -  We are so proud of Joshua. He is able to blend his words all by himself and is able to read with confidence.smiley

19/11/15 - Riley - Riley always tries so hard and this week he has impressed us with his amazing knowledge of animals. Keep up the hard work Riley smiley 


5/11/15 - Rowan - We are so impressed with Rowan's excellent writing.
He has been working so hard to improve his handwriting and we are so proud of his achievements. Well done Rowan. smiley

22/10/15 - Tobias - Tobias has been working so hard in phonics. He is using his sounds to help him write all by himself. Well done Tobias we are very proud of you. smiley

15/10/15 - Taylor - We are very proud of Taylor. He has achieved his reading target and is now able to read the red words me,my, the, of and to fluently. Well done Taylorsmiley 

8/10/15 - Harry - Harry  has wowed us with his wonderful instruction writing this week. He has used everything he has been taught to write clear instructions all by himself. smiley

2/10/15 -  Tayla - Tayla has been working really hard to show good listening this week. She has done a super job and we are very proud of her.smiley

24/9/15 - Molly - Molly has been such a kind and caring friend this week. She has helped her friends if they find things tricky. She is a brilliant partner in phonics; always taking turns and helping her partner with their sounds and reading. smiley



17/9/15 - Filip - We are so proud of Filip. He is working so hard to achieve his target of holding a pencil correctly. He has been making brilliant progress and his writing is improving each day smiley

10/9/15 - Joshua - Joshua has impressed us with his excellent attitude this week.
He is trying so hard and showing super listening skills. Well done Josh, keep impressing us with your fanastic attitude smiley 



15/9/14 - Jack Price - Jack has settled into his new school wonderfully.

We love having you in our class Jack.


22/9/14 - Rhys Clements Rhys has impressed us all with his fabulous
instruction writing this week. Well done you!


29/9/14 - Anya Haines - Anya has shown off her impressive phonics skills this week. 

She can read her sounds confidently and sound out words to help her read.


6/10/14 - Chloe Malin - What a super week Chloe. You have shown us that you are a perfect partner in phonics and maths; helping and encouraging you partner.


13/10/14 - Frankee Camden - Frankee constantly impresses us with her beautiful manners and hard work in school. This week she has been working extra hard at home practising the skills she has been learning in school.


20/10/14 - Morgan Watts - Morgan has worked so hard over the last few weeks. His reading and writing are getting better and better and it is wonderful to see him enjoying learning lots of new skills.


10/11/14 - Isabel Loxley - Isabel wowed us all this week with her super storytelling. She has learnt the story of 'The Little Red Hen' off by heart. She is looking forward to acting out the story in front of the whole school in a few weeks.


17/11/14 - Luke Ingles - Luke has set a wonderful example in class this week. Not only has he been working really hard on all of his tasks but he has been sensible, helpful and kind to his friends and teachers. Thank you Luke.


24/11/14 - Aaron Smith -  Aaron loves art and has been enjoying exploring the painting 'The Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh . He has shown excellent skills creating his own artwork and has impressed us all with his brilliant observations about the painting.


01/12/14 - Emily Mathias - Emily is a joy to teach. She is always polite and sensible and sets a super example to others. Emily's name is frequently on the gold star for her excellent behviour, well done you.


08/12/14 - Alice Fessey - Alice wowed us with her amazing story writing this week. She used all of the story writing skills that we have learnt over the last few weeks to help her write a brilliant space story. Well done you!

15/12/14 - Sophia Lawson - We are so proud of Sophia. She is always so kind and thoughtful and this week she has been a wonderful friend helping her partner in Maths.


12/1/15 - Logan Smith -  Wow, we are so impressed with Logan's excellent writing this week. Logan has been using all his brilliant phonics skills to help him write wonderful pieces of writing all by himself.


19/1/15 - Logan Collins - Logan has impressed us all with his super listening skills this half term. He is working so hard and we are very proud of his excellent efforts. 


26/1/15 - Ronnie Johns -  Ronnie has really enjoyed studying the work of Andy Warhol in art this half term. He has learnt lots about Warhol and his work and has impressed us all with his fantastic painting skills. Well done Ronnie.


2/2/15 - Tiffany Peggrem - Tiffany is an excellent reader. She loves books and can read fluently using lovely expression. She practises at home every day and this week attended Mrs.Bitcon's special Tea for wonderful reading. Well done.


9/2/15 - William Johnson - William has wowed us all with his amazing map drawing skills. He has really enjoyed learning about the United Kingdom and Peru and has plotted some detailed maps, one of which is on display in the library. Well done William.


2/3/15 -  Jacob Cropper -  Jacob has impressed us all with his wonderful reading.
He uses the sounds that he learns in phonics to help him break down and read words fluently. Well done Jacob.


9/3/15 - Chelsea Pullen - Chelsea is such a wonderful friend. She is always kind to her peers and sets a super example in class and during playtime with her beautiful manners. Well done Chelsea.


16/3/15 - Jemima Green -  Jemima is working so hard in phonics. She has learnt lots of the trickier phonemes such as ow, ear and ire. Keep working hard Jemima.


20/4/15 - Monty Mclachrie Ball - Monty has been such a super boy this week. He is showing us that he can listen really well and is being such a kind and thoughtful friend. We are really proud of you Monty.


27/4/15 - Lilly Newbury - Lilly is such a super learner. She listens carefully all the time which means that she can get on with her work independently. She always tries her best and produces brilliant pieces of work.


11/5/15 - Maisie Phelps - Wow Maisie you are working so hard. Maisie is showing us that she can listen carefully and then use what she has learnt to produce excellent pieces of work. Well done you.


1/6/15 - Finlay Malin - Finlay is impressing us all with his excellent progress in reading. He practises hard at home and school and is getting better and better at reading. Well done you.


15/6/15 - Tiffany Pegrem - Wow Tiffy you have shown off your excellent dancing skill

this week. Well done you.


22/6/15 - Charlie Niblett - Well done Charlie, you have been working hard over the last few weeks to improve your listening skills. We are so proud of you; you now listen carefully and always remember to put your hand up.