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Star of the Week!

Star of the week...

Each week the grown-ups choose a member of Reception to be star of the week and they get a special certificate in celebration assembly. To be a star of the week a grown-up has to spot you doing something extraordinarily fabulous. I wonder who will amaze us this week...


June 2016


Paige has tried really hard to listen carefully to all of the grown-up's instructions and to follow them first time. She has had wonderful manners and has been really polite to her peers as well as the grown-ups. 


May 2016


Arabella was incredibly brave at swimming this week and overcame her fear of going under the water. She used this skill to improve her swimming skills by swimming a width with just one float on her front using the correct breathing technique. Wow! Well done Arabella! 



Gracie has listened really carefully to all of the advice that she has been given during swimming and has worked hard to act upon it because of this she is now able to swim a width of the pool using a woggle. Well done Gracie! 



Owen has been working really hard to develop his writing skills. The grown ups were particularly impressed this week with Owen's writing as he has listened carefully to all of the advice that he has been given and used it to write a fantastic sentence of his own remembering to use finger spaces in between each word, use Fred fingers to help him to sound out each word, use the speed sound chart to help him to choose the right letters to match the sounds he needs and use the red word wall to help him to spell tricky words correctly all without a grown-ups help. Well done Owen!


April 2016


Lucy has worked incredibly hard in maths this week. She has been practicing all of the skills that she has learnt during free flow play, including solving addition and subtraction calculations which include fractions. She has been a fantastic partner and has helped her friends when they have found maths a bit tricky. She has listened to all of the advice that she has been given and has shown us that she is able to check her work using a different strategy. 



Sophie has worked exceptionally hard on writing this week. She has taken on board suggestions to improve her work, particularly about her presentation, and has shown us she can independently use these skills to make her writing even better. Keep it up Sophie! Well done. 



Rebecca has been trying exceptionally hard to improve her independent writing. She has remembered to say her sentence lots of times to help her to remember what to write. She has used her 'Fred fingers' to help her to accurately sound out words for writing and has remembered to use finger spaces too. Well done Rebecca!  


March 2016

Finley B

Finley has shown a fantastic attitude to learning this week. He has been spotted independently practicing all of the new skills that he has learnt during free flow play and has been ready to learn during all adult directed sessions too. Well done Finley, keep it up!


Phoebe J

Phoebe has worked incredibly hard to write a sentence this week. She practiced saying the sentence that she was going to write lots of times, she used her 'Fred fingers' to sound out each of the words, she used the speed sound chart to help her form each of the letters and even remembered to use finger spaces.


Ethan M

Ethan has had a great attitude to learning this week. He has followed all of the grown-ups instructions first time and has tried really hard to stay focused, particularly during whole class teaching. He has been trying really hard to develop his skills in both maths and phonics. What a great start to the new half term, keep it up Ethan!



Jamie has been trying incredibly to learn new skills. He has previously found it tricky to join in during whole class teaching session but he has been making a real effort to show the grown-ups in Reception that he is ready learn by showing good sitting, listening and looking and trying his best during every activity. Well done Jamie, keep it up!


February 2016


Billy has had a fantastic attitude to learning. He has been ready to learn something new everyday and has worked hard to practice all his new skills too. He has been a wonderful partner in both maths and phonics and has been ready to help when they have found things a little tricky. He has also been very sensible about working with his partner to work on anything that he has found tricky too. 



Joshua has shown wonderful enthusiasm for maths and has been keen to practice and develop his skills and strategies to solve addition and subtraction calculations. He has been practicing not only in maths lessons but also in free flow play and even at home! See Joshua's marvelous maths in action on our maths corner page.



Myles has shown a fantastic attitude to learning this week. He was incredibly sensible on the school trip and Miss Scourfield really enjoyed learning lots about dinosaurs from him. He has also worked really hard in maths this week. He has been a wonderful partner when we have worked as a whole class on the carpet and has even been practicing during free flow play. We are sure that it's because of his perseverance that he can now write the numbers 0,1,3,4,6 and 8 accurately. Keep it up Myles!


January 2016


Lexus created a fantastic story map for her very own version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs. She even managed to use some fantastic describing words to make her story more interesting. Look out for her video of her story on the curriculum page soon!



Harvey-Jack has tried really hard in phonics this week. He has been finding it tricky to remember the 't' sound but has persevered and can not only read it now but can write it too! Well done Harvey-Jack we knew you could do it!



Michael did a fantastic piece of writing about the x-wing that he had built in the construction area. He sounded out each of the words that he wrote and was able to read his sentence to a grown up when he had finished.



Georgia has found joining in P.E. lessons with Mr Hyde a bit scary, but this week she was very brave and joined in with all the activities and was smiling when the lesson was over! Well done Georgia!


December 2015


Henry impressed us with his fantastic Christmas wish list. He very carefully cut out and stuck a picture of a Christmas tree and a car onto his list and labelled what they were by independently sounding out each of the words and choosing the appropriate letters to represent each of the sounds.



Charlie has worked incredibly hard in maths. We have been learning how to solve addition calculations using cups. Charlie remembered what the + and the = signs told us to do and the actions that we had to do when we saw them.


November 2015


Jasmine has worked incredibly hard during carpet sessions this week learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She has even remembered some of the exciting phrases such as 'steaming hot porridge' which are a bit tricky. Well done Jasmine, you are going to be a fantastic story teller by Christmas!



Findlay was our star baker this week! When we were baking cakes he thought really carefully  about all of the ingredients that we were using and the steps that we were taking so that he could remember it all the following day when we wrote our own recipes. We expect to see him on 'The Great British Bake Off' very soon! 


October 2015

Ethan S

Ethan has worked really hard on his listening skills and now always listens carefully. He is fantastically enthusiastic about every activity and is always keen to join in. This week took inspiration from our Incey Wincey Spider focus and made a brilliant spiders web at Forest school

(see our photographs on the curriculum page - 19/10/15).



Charlotte always listens carefully to her teachers and friends and is always ready to learn. What a wonderful role model for Reception!



Thomas has been simply brilliant in phonics this week. He has worked incredibly well with his partner and has worked really hard to make sure that he is saying all of the sounds correctly. Well done Thomas, keep it up!


Phoebe G

Phoebe has impressed the grown-up's in phonics this week. She has joined in with all of the activities and has been a brilliant partner too. What a superstar!



Connor has worked really hard this week to listen carefully. He has joined in during every phonics session without any help from a grown-up. He has also had some wonderful conversations with his partner at carpet time and has shared his brilliant ideas with the class. Well done Connor! We are very proud of you. 


September 2015


Jack has a wonderful attitude learning. He is always ready to learn and eager to have ago at any activity, even if it is a bit tricky at first. He is kind to his friends and always has lovely manners too.



Katie has settled into Reception really well. She has remembered our school rules and has made sure that she is always following them. She has joined in and persisted with every activity even when she has found it a bit tricky. Well done Katie, keep it up!



Grace has had a fabulous start to Reception. She has been kind to all of her new friends and is incredibly polite to both her peers and all of the grown ups too. She has a fantastic attitude to learning and has joined in with all the activities.



Reception have all been superstars this week so it was impossible to choose just one person! They have all impressed the grown ups with their fantastic sitting on the carpet and listening. They have all followed our Reception rules too. What a fantastic start to the year.


June 2015

Harry R

Harry has been a super star dancer in our play rehearsals. He has listened carefully to all of the instructions and has worked brillantly with his partner too.



Lauren has found swimming a bit tricky but this week she managed to go under the water by herself!


May 2015


Aimee was incredibly brave and went under the water at swimming.



Taylor was very scared of swimming but he managed to take part in all of the activities by himself, even ones that he'd never tried before.


April 2015


Skye has worked exceptionally hard in phonics and can now read whole words like 'cat' all by herself. She can even write them too. 


March 2015


Tobias has put in lots of effort in maths. He has learnt how to use a number line to solve math stories. He kept practising even when he found it tricky and he is fab at it now!


February 2015


Skye has had a fantastic attitude to learning. She has listening carefully and tried her best in every activity that she has taken part in.



Malia did some fabulous writing about Paddington Bear. It had some brilliant descriptive words in. Mrs Bitcon was proud too.


January 2015


Keira- Leigh has worked really hard in maths and phonics this week. She has practised solving addition and subtraction calculations using cups as well as number lines during free flow play. She has also worked really hard in phonics to develop her understanding of what she is reading. Well done Keira-Leigh!



Kurtis has been really sensible in the classroom and has been working really hard to listen and make good choices during choosing. Well done Kurtis, keep it up!


December 2014


Lily has been a maths superstar this week and can read numerals 0-100! She is so clever she can tell you how we read them in maths as well as English and has even made her own  0-99 square. WOW!



Joshua's attitude at school has been brilliant! He has come into the classroom independently everyday and even said goodbye to his mum. He has chosen where he would like to learn in the classroom without any support and has worked incredibly hard during phonics too. Joshua has even been fantastic at lunchtimes and has eaten his lumch without too much help. Well done Joshua, keep up the fantastic work!


November 2015


Harry has amazed us all this week with his fantastic drawing of the Gruffalo. He could tell you the exact description of the Gruffalo from the story and could even label the different features using the initial sounds.



Aimee's attitude to learning this week has been incredible. She has joined in with every activity and has put in 100% effort. She has even gone and practised some of the things that we have learnt all by herself to help her get even better.


October 2014


Jack was simply brilliant in PE. He was terrified of jumping off of the horse and at first he needed a little help from a grown up. But this week he was determined to conquer his fear and do it himself. What a superstar!



Aaliyah displayed a fantastic 'can do' attitude throughout last week. In P.E she was very scared when climbing the ladder as she is afraid of heights; however, she carried on climbing with only a little bit of encouragment and then climbed it all by herself on her second go. Then, when Miss Thompson brought her pet tortoise Travis to school, Aaliyah wasn't too sure that she wanted to stroke him; but she overcame her fear and touched his shell and then she even tickled his head. Well done Aaliyah we are all really proud of you.


September 2014



Isabella has worked incredibly hard with writing her name and can even form the letters 'I','s','a' and 'e' correctly.



Malia was exceptionally kind to her friends this week. She made sure that they always had someone to play with even when they were feeling a bit sad.