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In Summer 2 our focus shall be the beach. We will start the topic looking at a story involving a little girl called Sally and her adventure at the seaside. In the story Sally  finds  a very peculiar thing which ends up stuck to  her finger, a Limpet. We shall use this story as the basis 

for Talk4Writing and will complete a 4 week cycle. In the final two weeks of our topic we will be looking at some beach related poetry! In topic work we will revisit much of what we have done this year including materials, geographical features and maps. This topic we are also luckily enough to be able to go on a school trip to Barry Island. This trip will help us with our poetry as well as get some hands on experiences of geographical features. This term we will also be practicing our dance for the end of year performance; our chosen song is Elvis - Jailhouse Rock!

This Topic We Are Learning...


In Summer 1 our focus shall be post. We will start the topic looking at the Jolly Postman and then focus in on one of the characters and their origin story; Goldilocks.

We shall learn the story of Goldilocks in Talk4Writing and include the introduction of speech. The focus on post and the Jolly Postman will allow us to readdress lots of what we have already learnt in year 1 e.g. materials, growing as well as introducing some new concepts such as human and physical geography. 

Week Ending 12/05/17

Week Ending 5/5/17

Week Ending 28/4/17

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In Spring 2 our focus shall be space. Within this topic we will first

be looking at the story book The First Hippo on the Moon. This story will be our focus for World Book Day and we will even be seeing the play at Malvern Theatre.

After our Hippo mini topic our focus text for the rest of Spring 2 will be Whatever Next; a beautiful story following the adventure of Baby Bear and his trip to the moon. In topic i.e. science we will be looking at plants and investigating whether we will be able to grow mini moon trees. Also in topic we will complete some recap geography and have a look at the history of space travel. We will continue with Beebots and learn about simple programmes and algorithms. 


Week Ending 31/03/17

Week Ending 18/03/17

Week Ending 11/3/17

Week Ending 3/3/2017

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In Spring 1 our focus shall be lighthouses. Within this topic we will first be learning  of a real life Victorian heroine, Grace Darling. We will learn about Grace's braveness as well as comparing her life to our own. We shall also in pie-corbett look at a fictional story involving lighthouses: The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. As well as our topic having a historical focus we will also be looking at the United Kingdom and the countries that build up the UK. We shall do this through a focus on four lighthouses, one in each of the four countries of the UK.


Library Visit

Week Ending 03/02/2017

Week Ending 26/01/17

Week Ending 21/01/17

Week Ending 14/01/17

Week ending 06/01/17

This Topic We Are Learning...


In Autumn 2 we will be looking at the Sun Angel of Africa, otherwise known as the Meerkat. We will be using this opportunity to learn all about different animals; how they are structured and how they can be grouped. We will also be looking at where our Meerkats have come from which will consequently familiarise ourselves with global and local maps. In this topic we shall be visiting the Meerkats at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, this experience will help us to complete our end of topic goal for our Pie Corbett sessions; writing a postcard. 

Week ending 16/12/16

Week ending 2/12/16

Week ending 25/11/16

Children In Need (18/11/16)

A few from the Cotswold Wildlife Park (17/11/16)

Week Beginning 7/11/16

Week Beginning 31/10/16

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In Autumn 1 we will be looking in detail at the Three Little Pigs story. We will learn the story through pictoral representations and sign. At the end of the topic we will know our story so well that we will be able to with support write a full recount. We will use the Three Little Pigs' houses as the focus for our science this term. We will be focussing on materials, their uses and properties through a series of scientific experiments.

A few from our Three Little Pigs Topic

Useful Information About the Curriculum...


We follow the National curriculum. Please see below for an overview of the  curriculum for Year One.

Maths Makes Sense...


Please see the objectives below that we will work on each half term in maths. Keep and eye on our maths corner page where we will add 'how to' guides when we learn a new skill in maths.


Autumn 2:

In R.E this half term we will be investigating the Key Question "Who is a Christian, and what do they believe?" We shall investigate our question in detail in the run up to the Christmas break.

Autumn 1:

In R.E this half term we will also be investigating the Key Question ‘Which times are special and why? (Harvest)’