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Tuesday 26th April

Good Morning Year 3 - please find today's tasks below! Remember if you get stuck or have trouble logging into something please email and I'll do my best to help you! :) I will be doing a teams at 9am - link sent via MME to explain the tasks :)

Spellings - please look at your groups spellings, if you are unsure which group is yours - then please email me!

Reading task - today I would like you to use the clues below to help you write a prediction of our new class text by Michael Bond! A little clue for you is that our book has a very famous character in it and it has also been turned into two films! Try and write a paragraph predicting what you think our class text might be about! The best ones all start with ' I predict that....'

Think about the characters, setting and what might happen!

Maths - please see my maths for your task for today!  There is a video if you follow this link to help if you are stuck!

Remember if you are still stuck there is a lesson to help you alongside the mymaths task. If you can't log on to my maths - please complete the questions below!

Writing task! Hopefully you have all guessed by now that our new class text is A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond! Or you have guessed that our main character is Paddington Bear! Later this week we are going to be writing a character description for Paddington Bear but today I would like you to watch the video clips below of Paddington and have a go at completing a character role on the wall of him - using lots of lovely adjectives and noun phrases ( fluffy, scruffy bear) to describe what he looks like and how he acts. 

Have a watch of these clips or if you have the film at home - feel free to watch it to help!!


Then complete the activity - you can print it or even draw your own outline of Paddington to do your character role on the wall!

French task - today you are going to start looking at our new French topic (As-tu un animal?) which is all about animals! Watch the video below and then have a go at labelling the animals in French using the wordbank to help! You don't have to print, you can draw the animals and label them in French in your homework books! 

Animals in French

Dialogues in French and English : page:

Topic task - please find attached today's task! It is linked to our new topic 'Snapshots of History' and is a picture taken from 1908 called the Cotton Mill Girl. I would like you to look closely at the picture and have a go at answering the questions linked below. You can print or just answer the questions in full sentences in your homework books!

Homework/ 10 minute challenge! 

Spelling task – can you use your spellings to write 5 sentences in your best joined up handwriting?