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Tuesday 26th April


Warm Up:

10 X tables - chant your 10 X table from 0 up to 120. Can you keep going past 120?

Have a sing along with Webster the spider

Complete the BBC Bitesize 10X table quiz at:


Main Lesson: 

Today we are going to be recapping bar charts - something we have looked at in the Autumn and Spring terms. We have learnt that it is important to look at the title of the bar chart, the labels and the scale before looking at the bars. We have also learnt that  the height of the bars is very important whereas the width of the bars tells us... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


Look at the example of the bar chart below and answer the questions:

1) What does the bar chart show?

2) How many children chose pizza?

3) Which was the favourite lunch?

4) Which was the least favourite lunch?

5) How many fewer children ate pizza than burger?

6) How many children are in class 2 total?


Challenge: Look at the pictogram below (new learning) and answer the following questions:

1) How many books did Ben read?

2) Who read the most books?

3) Who read the least books? 

4) How many children read fewer than 5 books? What are their names?

5) How many more books did Ajay read than Sita?

6) How many more books did Kemi read than Ben?

7) How many books were read altogether? 

Challenge: How many books do you think Sita will read in 4 weeks? (OOF THAT'S TRICKY)


Today is a great opportunity for us to practice a SATs style paper. Below is an example of the Paper 1 that the children will complete in a few weeks time (we will be doing lots of practice over the coming weeks). As mentioned on the SATs talk, within this paper the children are required to read a small section / paragraph before answering the questions. I've tried to pick a paper that I think the children will enjoy reading, particularly section 2. There is no need to print the paper, write answers directly into work books (even if it says tick - they tend to be only a one / two word answer). 


The main purpose of me setting this today is if the children become stuck on a question, it is an opportunity to talk through the question, what it's asking us to do and how to approach it.


See how much you can do, if you run out of steam, that's fine. If we're finding the text tricky in places, read it through with the children, reading and answering the questions as a team is still going to be beneficial.


Today we returned to school to find Mr Bayliss with some mystery magic seeds. We will be using our imaginations to decide what our magic bean will grow into... it can be anything you like! 

Start by completing this sentence...

My magic seed will grow into a ____________ plant / tree.


Once you have your idea, create a paragraph about your magic bean using the questions below to help you.


Why do you want your magic seed to grow into a ______________? Can you write a sentence including a because. 

Where has your magic seed come from? How did it get to Orchard Primary? 

What / where are you going to plant your magic seed into? It's a magic seed, does it just need soil and water? 


Draw your magic tree / plant to accompany your paragraph - we will be planting these once we are back in school! 




Today this afternoon would have been our P.E. / PSCHE split. Friday 22nd April was Earth Day. What I would like you to do is to research what Earth Day is. Where did it begin? How long has it been celebrated? What is Earth Day? 


Check out: for some ideas.


I would like you to make a poster informing others of what Earth Day is and  how they can support. Our posters want to include some useful ideas e.g. recycling, switching off lights, not wasting water to name a few. Remember a good poster includes short sharp snappy information (commands) and lots of bright eye catching pictures / drawings. We will be displaying the posters on the classroom windows as a reminder of what we should be doing all year round and to inform other children that perhaps haven't heard of Earth Day.