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Tuesday 26th April

Tuesday 26th April 2022

Hello Year 4! 


Welcome back! I'm really sorry you aren't at school today! I will be doing a zoom at 9am to say Hi and explain today's activities!


Please do your work in your homework book or on paper and bring it to school so we can share it when you are back. You can also upload it to Purple Mash so I can give you feedback! This link will remind you how to do it.

Any issues or problems please just let me know - 


Reading - Please complete one of the tasks on Pobble linked to 'Watery World' 

I have added the activities to the bottom under the maths work in case the link isn't working!


Literacy - We are starting our European Neighbours topic this week so please can you choose a country in Europe and research it? Think about the points below as a start but I'm excited to see how much you can find out! 

  • Capital City
  • Language
  • Currency 
  • Population
  • President/King/Queen
  • Land type (desert, forest, coastline?)
  • Neighbouring countries

There are lots of websites but this might help!



We are going to recap finding fractions of amounts. I have put a link to a video which will help you if you have forgotten how to find the answer. Work through the worksheet and workout which amount you would rather have for each question (you will need to work out all of the fractions before you can make your decision). Video and tasks are below this message!


Please also do the times table check here;



Have a look at this list of 20 famous landmarks in Europe. Can you have a go at making one out of recycled materials? Use your skills from last term and the castle building lessons to help you! If you can't make one then have a go at drawing one instead.


Have a great day - I am looking forward to seeing what you have got up to!


Take care,


Mrs White 




Tuesday - Finding Fractions of Amounts

Watch this video to remind you how to find fractions of amounts before completing the task below!

Maths Worksheet - Please do in your homework books!

Reading work - if the link isn't working!

Optional Brain Break

Have a go at drawing Mirabel from Encanto if you fancy a break!

Spellings - Summer week 1

Hello Year 4! Each week I will give you a printed copy of your spellings and your 10 minute challenges for the week. I will also put them on this page! Don't forget to bring your homework book in every Monday to be marked! The spelling test will also be on a Monday!