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Tuesday 26th April

Welcome back Year 5!

I hope you had a lovely break and are refreshed and raring to go as we commence our Summer 1 half term.

I’ve tried to make the timetable as easy as possible for the next couple of days (lesson breakdowns and links can be accessed below) but please remember that I can be contacted anytime on our class email if you have any questions or need any help-


A reminder that we do not expect you to print any of the activities or resources- work can be recorded into Homework books (logins can also be found in the front of these books) or on paper.


I’m really looking forward to seeing you all in person on Thursday :)



Please revise your weekly spellings ready for the check and dictation on Thursday (a PDF of the spellings can be found below).

Then, complete the BBC Bitesize lesson for ‘Verbs and Tenses' using the link below. The lesson includes 2 videos and 4 linked activities to support your learning-


Writing- please write a book review to recommend a favourite read to a friend. What is the book about (short summary)? How many stars out of 5 would you give it? What would your top 3 questions to a character be? Can you draw an alternative front cover?

We will display these in our book corner once we return to school.


In our Arithmetic lessons this half term, we’ll be focusing on written methods for multiplication and division. To help with this, please follow the link for a virtual lesson.  Each lesson has a support video, linked activity as well as a quiz to check your understanding. Remember there's no need to print activities- answers can be recorded straight into your Homework book or on paper.


Topic/ Different Subject Areas:

Pack your bags as we're off on an adventure for this half term's topic...Central America and The Maya!


Please use today's lesson to explore the Knowledge Organiser (including the links to help with your learning) and consider what you already know, and what you'd like to find out/ any Key Questions you may have. You can write this straight into your Homework book or even design your own cover page for our new topic.


Remember this is the start of our new topic so we're not expecting you to be experts at this stage and if you don't know anything at all, that's absolutely fine- focus instead on what you'd like to find out as this will help guide our learning journey! 



The recommended fitness for today is yoga- please use the link below to go on a Cosmic Yoga adventure! (Feel free to choose one of the other Cosmic Yoga Stories if you wish):