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Wednesday 27th April

Good Morning Year 3 - please find today's tasks below! Remember if you get stuck or have trouble logging into something please email and I'll do my best to help you! :) I will be doing a teams at 9am - link sent via MME to explain the tasks :)

This week's spellings - please email if you are unsure which group you are in!

Reading task - today I would like you to read the first chapter of A Bear Called Paddington. Then I would like you to have a go at the questions below! Please remember to write your answers in full sentences! 

Useful sentence starters:

Explain: Mrs Brown thought Mr Brown was being silly because....

Retrieve: Paddington Bear is from....

Interpret: Paddington was thirsty because in the text it says '........'

Choice: I would feel _________ if I arrived in a different country with no place to go because....



Maths -  today we are going to be looking at what a tally is and how we can use it to show lots of pieces of information or data. Here is a quick clip of how we do a tally or look at the powerpoint below to help! Then have a go at answering the questions below - you can print or just record your answers in your homework books!

Writing - Today I would like you to write down at least 5- 10 questions that you would like to ask Paddington Bear! Remember that questions need a ? at the end! Then challenge yourself and pretend to be Paddington Bear and answer your own questions! You could even pretend to be Paddington Bear and get your grown up to ask your questions to you! I wonder if any of you will turn into Paddington by the end of this task and be eating lots of marmalade?!

Topic -  today I would like you to build upon your understanding of children in workhouses and build upon your ideas for the Cotton Mill Girl key photo by watching these videos and having a look at the powerpoints to find out about children in workhouses and cotton mills. Then I would like you to have a go at the questions! Please remember you don't need to print, you can write your answers out in full sentences in your homework books!

Commando Joe - Today we would have started looking at our new explorer for this term's Commando Joe missions. Our new explorer is called Nellie Bly. For today's task I would like you to create a fact file about Nellie Bly using some of the links below and your own research to help you! You could type this or handwrite it in your homework books!


Try and find out the following things:

When she was born/died.

Where was she born?

What did she do?

What was she famous for?

Factfile template if you want one!

Homework - 10 minute challenge - the usual Wednesday night task - TTRockstars!! Remember if you can't log in, please write out your 3x, 4x and 8x tables!