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Wednesday 27th April

Hi Everyone!


Thank you for being so amazing yesterday and for working hard! I hope you managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine too :) Today is going to be similar! I will be on the teams link at 9am to say Hello and catch up with you all and then will stay on until 12 so if you have any questions about the work please just pop on and say Hi!. Any problems please email 


All of the attachments for today's work are under this message!


Reading - Please complete one of the activities linked the Woodcarver (PDF below). 


Literacy- I have set you a Purple Mash todo - It is a template of a Fact File so you can write up your facts from yesterday's research lesson. If you want to make your own Fact File rather than use Purple Mash that is fine! Be creative and make it eye catching! We will look at these at school and they will look great on our new display!


Maths -

Please do Arithmetic A - just write the question number and answer in your book.


Then please complete the statistics work below. There is a powerpoint to help you and then two different worksheets to complete. Don't worry about printing it out you can just jot down your answers in your homework books. 



You can either carry on with your topic/building from yesterday or you can make a start on our new science topic - States of Matter. 

Have a look at the information first and then you can sort the different items into solids, liquids and gases. Again no need to print - you can just write this into your books!


I have popped a brain break at the bottom of this page as well! 


Have a great day!! 


Mrs White

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