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Week 1 (04/1/21)



Go through the slides below to learn all about primary colours. Then have a go at creating a piece of artwork in the style of the artist Piet Mondrian like the examples featured at the end of the slides. Use squares and rectangles like he does, and make sure you use the primary colours red, yellow and blue!


To create your artwork you can either do it digitally on the computer/tablet using the paint app on Purple Mash (select the red '2Do' icon and then the task 'Primary Colours’


Or if you have colouring pencils/pens/paint feel free to use these to create your art.



Throughout our History lessons this half term, we're going to be thinking about how food has changed over time. We still eat some things today, that people in Britain ate a long time ago! Look through these pictures of some traditional British dishes. 

Do you recognise any? Can you name them all? Which one is your favourite?

History Lesson

The answers are:


Fish and chips

Bread and Butter

Victoria Sponge

Afternoon Tea

Sausages and mash

Toad in the hole

Roast dinner


Full English Breakfast

Afternoon Tea was invented in England in the year 1840 by a woman called Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford. She used to become hungry in the afternoon between lunch and dinner because there was such a long period in-between (dinner time was fashionably served late at 8 o'clock!). So she asked her maids to bring some tea, bread & butter and cake to her room to keep her going until dinner time. This became something she did everyday and she started inviting her friends to join her too! Soon, this became very popular everywhere - people would even dress up in posh gowns, gloves and hats to meet for afternoon tea!

People still meet for afternoon tea now! Usually there is a pot of tea and small bitesize snacks such as, finger sandwiches, cakes and scones with clotted cream and jam, yum!


Have your own afternoon tea!

Have a go at following your instructions from Literacy and make a sandwich to have with some afternoon tea.  You could even dress up and invite some furry friends to join you!