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Week 1 (22/2/21)



In our Science lessons this half term, we're going to be learning about different kinds of animals and how we can classify them. This means how we can group them - There are lots of similar characteristics that animals have that can tell us what group they should be in. For instance, we can think about what they look like, how they move and what they eat.


Read through the slides below and watch the short BBC clip to learn about a group of animals called mammals. Then have a go at the exercise below. First label all the animals (you can use the 'identifying animals key' and word bank to help you do this). Then write a sentence that explains either something similar or something different about the two animals. 


If working into exercise books/onto paper, either write the name of each animal or draw a picture of each one, then write your sentence underneath. Alternatively feel free to print the sheet and work onto this.



Read through the slides below to learn about different types of transport that we use today and that people used in the past. Then have a go at one of the exercises on the document below. They are differentiated so please choose the one you feel would most appropriately challenge your child:


Worksheet 1A (MILD)

Worksheet 1B (SPICY)

Worksheet 1C (HOT)

Worksheet 1D & picture cards (OPTIONAL EXTENSION EXERCISE)



There are so many different ways to talk about where we live - for example we could talk about which house, road, town, country, continent or even which planet we live on!

Read through the slides below to learn more then log into purple mash and complete the 2Do activity for today.


You can use the world map below to help you!


You can also watch a short BBC video clip which tells you more about the United Kingdom! 



Read through the slides below then have a go at drawing some British wildlife yourself. There are pictures below for inspiration however if you'd like to draw a picture you've found yourself that's fine too!



Learning to share and being kind are important skill to have. Read through the story below which introduces the concept of sharing through situations which the children will be familiar with, such as sharing toys and taking turns. Then draw a picture and write a sentence about a time that you've shared something with someone. Think about how it made you feel and how you think it made the other person feel...