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Week 1

Week beginning 4/1/21 - please complete an activity each day, as well as 10 minutes of reading and share your work via the blog or via email as Mrs Taylor and I would love to see your hard work. 

Spellings week 1

Tuesday 5th January - Using apostrophes in contractions. Watch the video and then complete the activity.



Contractions activity

Wednesday 6th January - our new class text is Flat Stanley - The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery by Jeff Brown. For today's task you need to have a look at the pictures of the front cover and read the blurb before having a go at writing a short paragraph prediction for what the book is going to be about. 


Remember a good prediction starts with "I predict..."


Think about the characters, the story, what might happen

Thursday 7th January - Read through Chapter 1 and discuss what you have read with a grown up.

Try opening this pdf, if you can't access the images of Chapter 1

Friday 8th January - spelling test and then have a go at answering the qs about Chapter 1

You can listen to Miss Mabbott reading the first chapter again here...