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Week 1 (04.1.21)


New Years Resolutions:

Flick through the slides and learn all about New Year, what resolutions are and why people make them. Then think of some New Year's resolutions of your own. (Use the star sheets provided below if you want to print them out or draw your own stars and write inside them)

Christmas news:

Use the sheet provided below (print or copy layout onto your own paper) to help you write about what you got up to over the Christmas holidays! Don't forget to use capital letters at the start of a sentence, finger spaces between words and full stops at the end of a sentence! I can't wait to hear all about it : )


The Highway Rat (read aloud)

Another great story by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler


Today we're thinking about words with the sound 'or'.

I'd like you to write 3 sentences that have 'or' words in them. First decide on an 'or' word you want to write about e.g. horse. Then think of a sentence with that word in e.g. The horse is brown. Say the sentence lots of times to yourself to help you remember it (you can even say it in silly voices like we do in Phonics) then have a go at writing it out. Remember capital letters go at the beginning of a sentence, finger spaces between words and full stops go at the end. Use your Fred fingers to help you sound out words, try to join your handwriting and make sure to read your work back to yourself to check it makes sense.


Star challenge:

 If you can include any of the following things in your sentences I'll award you with a gold star!

-use the joining word 'and' (e.g. The horse is brown and runs fast.)

-use adjectives to describe what you are talking about (e.g. brown, bright, fast)


(The children should be used to this activity as we do it each week with a new sound. Please see the 'writing template' document for an idea of how we normally set out this activity. They can write the sentences out in exercise books/lined paper and then draw a picture. The children should also be used to checking their own work using the prompts at the bottom of the sheet. I've uploaded a wordbank including a few 'or' words and pictures to give the children some ideas. If you find your child is struggling to come up with or remember a sentence, I've also uploaded some sentence suggestions that you can dictate to them while they sound it out.).


We're going to write a set of instructions explaining how to make a sandwich! Later you can even have a go at following your own instructions!

A good set of instructions needs:

-a title (How to make a sandwich)

-numbered steps (to help you understand the order)

-time words, such as First, Next, Finally (to help you understand the order)

-bossy verbs, such as spread, slice, eat (sometimes called imperative verbs - to explain the action that needs doing)


Use the example I've uploaded as a guide, to write a set of instructions into your exercise book/on some lined paper. I've also uploaded a document with useful words and pictures to help you! I've used jam but you can use whichever filling you'd like : )