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Week 1

This week's spellings - please select the correct group

Monday 22nd February- Today I would like you have a go at finding the following words from our new book in an online dictionary. Then try to find them in a thesaurus to find examples of words that mean the same e.g. old is the same as elderly, historical, worn


Words to find!

  • canal
  • sleek
  • vines
  • foreign


Write out the words in your exercise books and write their definition. You can also draw a picture to help you remember the word. See Miss Mabbott's example below to help!

Tuesday 23rd February - our new class text is Greetings from Somewhere - The Mystery of the Mosaic by Harper Paris . For today's task you need to have a look at the pictures of the front cover and read the blurb before having a go at writing a short paragraph prediction for what the book is going to be about. Remember a good prediction starts with "I predict..." Think about the characters, the story, what might happen

Wednesday 24th February - Read through Chapter 1 or listen to Miss Mabbott read it in the video centre, discuss what you have read with a grown up and bullet point what has happened so far.

Thursday 25th February - reread chapter 1 or listen to it and then answer the questions below, in your books, in full sentences :)

Friday 26th February - spelling task and then picture inference questions - answer the questions below in full sentences in your books!