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Week 1

Monday 22nd February - The Gingerbread Man


Read, watch or listen to the story of The Gingerbread Man. Have you heard it before? Do you know what happens in the story? If not, can you have some guesses before you begin to listen to it?

Ask your child the following questions:

1. Who made the Gingerbread Man?

2. Why did the Gingerbread Man run away?

3. Who did he meet on his journey?

4. Have you ever eaten a gingerbread man? What do they taste like?


Encourage your child to draw a picture of the Gingerbread Man in their purple exercise book - explain that this is the 'main character' of the story.

Tuesday 23rd February - Setting and Characters

Today we are thinking about the characters and the settings we see throughout the story. Can your child name all of the characters they have seen in the story? Can they use the word mat below to identify all of them? Either using the printable resource below, or by drawing and labelling the characters in their purple exercise book, can they copy the names from the word mat.

Wednesday 24th February - Story Map

Begin by recapping the story of The Gingerbread Man by watching the videos above. I would then like the children to create a story map of the text; this can be done in their purple exercise book. Begin by drawing the pictures of the characters in order of how they appear in the story. There is also a printable activity sheet below, that allows the children to cut and stick the pictures onto the story map template.

Thursday 25th February

Now that we are becoming really familiar with our new story, I would like the children to think about questions that they might like to ask The Gingerbread Man. Discuss with your child what they would like to know from the Gingerbread Man and see if they can then guess the answers.

Model to the children how you would then write the question and see if they can copy it underneath. Concentrate on the correct formation of their letters rather than the ability to write a question independently.


This task can be completed in the purple exercise book. Don't forget to send me your questions!

Friday 26th February - Spellings/Handwriting Practice

Use the words below to see if your child can independently spell CVC words. Begin by using 'my turn your turn' to get your child to repeat the word back to you. Practice 'putting the word on your fingers' (e.g. the word cat would be on 3 fingers as it has 3 sounds"). Then encourage your child to write the sounds as they hear them in the word. 

There are some printable resources below that can be used to practice letter formation/pencil control: