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Week 2 (11.1.21)


To help us remember a story, we create story maps; this tells the story's main events through pictures and arrows, and we always do this for our stories so that we can refer back to it when it comes to story writing (the children should be used to doing this as we've done it with the previous 2 books that we've read).

Scroll down to see the PDF example story map I created and to rewatch the story being read aloud, then have a go at drawing your own story map for 'The Highway Rat'. Use your exercise books/spare paper and ensure you use arrows to show the order of events in the story. I've also uploaded a PDF which explains what certain symbols in our story maps mean : )

Once you've finished, have a go at re-telling the story using your story map pictures, and create actions to go with it.

The Highway Rat (read aloud)


Today's learning objective is to extend our sentence writing by using joining words (conjunctions).

I'd like you to write 3 sentences that include the joining word 'because' and also an 'air' word.

First think about words with the 'air' sound in, then decide which one you want to write about e.g. stairs. Think of a sentence with your chosen word and the joining word 'because' in e.g. I went upstairs to my room because it was bed time. Say the sentence lots of times to yourself to help you remember it (you can even say it in silly voices like we do in Phonics) then have a go at writing it out.


Remember capital letters are for the start of sentences and names, finger spaces go between words and full stops go at the end of sentences. Use your Fred fingers to help you sound out words (hold up 1 finger for each sound in a word to help break it up), try to join your handwriting and make sure to read your work back to yourself to check it makes sense.

The joining word 'because' is normally used to explain an action.

To help you remember how to spell because use the phrase 'big elephants can always understand small elephants'


If you can write all 3 of your sentences, using the conjunction 'because' correctly, I'll award you a gold star! 


(Please see the 'writing template' document if you'd like an idea of how we normally set out this activity. Children can write the sentences out in exercise books/lined paper and then draw a picture. The children should be used to checking their own work using the prompts at the bottom of the sheet. I've uploaded a wordbank including a few 'air' words and picture prompts to give the children some ideas. If you find your child is struggling to come up with or remember a sentence, I've also uploaded some sentence suggestions that you can dictate to them while they sound it out).


Read through the slides to learn the difference between singular and plural and how we can show this by adding the suffixes 's' or 'es'. 

 (A suffix is a group of letters that you can add to the end of a root word to change its meaning)


Look at the document below and copy out each of the words in a list into your exercise books/onto plain paper, then write out the plural version of each one by adding 's' or 'es'. If you get stuck, look back at the rules on the slides : )


Today we're going to learn about a new joining word. Remember the posh name for a joining word is 'conjunction'.

So far, we've practiced writing sentences with the conjunctions and, but & because

'or' is also a joining word. We can use 'or' to show a choice between two things.


Have a look below at some examples of 'or' being used in sentences. Then try to write your own sentences that include 'or'. I've uploaded a picture prompts document to help you with some ideas : )

Example: Do you want to go swimming or do you want to play football?



Design a wanted poster to help catch The Highway Rat and stop him from stealing anyone else's food!


As well as featuring a picture or photo of the villain, wanted posters also normally include the person's name and have a good description of what they look like so that people know what to look out for!

Choose at least 3 different parts of The Highway Rat and use adjectives to describe them on your poster.

E.g. The Highway Rat is a baddie and a beast! He has... a sharp sword.

He has... shiny boots.

He has... a pink curly tail.

If you wanted to, you could also add some extra information, such as when he was last seen and what crime he has committed (stealing)!


I've uploaded a picture of The Highway Rat below showing ideas of different aspects of the character that can be described. There is also an example of a wanted poster for ideas on how to lay out the work : )

(Use exercise books/plain paper)