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Week 2

Monday 1st March-  To explore our next key question : Let's explore - what are the human features of Italy? Today I would like us to recap  what we mean by human features using the video and ppt below


Then I would like you to research one of the following Italian landmarks and make notes (you will need these notes on Wednesday!)

Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Milan Cathedral, St Peter’s Cathedral

Wednesday 3rd March:

Today's task:

Using your research notes on your chosen Italian landmark from Monday's (1st March) task, create a poster to encourage people/tourists to visit your chosen landmark. Try to be persuasive! You could include a map, pictures and real facts!

Thursday 4th March - as today is World Book Day I thought it would be nice if you designed and made your own bookmarks at home, ready for use in your guided reading books and other books you may wish to read at home. There are some different ideas below for making bookmarks!


Easy Origami Bookmark Corner - How to make a Corner Bookmark DIY

Easy Paper Monster & Owl Corner Bookmarks

How to make a Bookmark | Bookmark Design | Paper Bookmark | Easy Bookmark Ideas | Book Mark Making