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Week 2

Monday 1st March

In preparation for our return to school next week, I would like the children to begin exploring capacities and using everyday language to describe them. Follow the link below, watch the lesson and complete the activities that follow:
Here are some printable resources you may wish to use, in order to expand your child's learning:

Tuesday 2nd March

Begin maths today by counting to 20 and back again; if your child is still unable to count backwards please focus on that each day this week at home to remind them how to do it.


Today we are practicing to identify which number is missing from the sequence 0-10. Point at and count out loud the sequence of numbers on the PCM sheet below. Help your child to say and write the missing number in the line. 


There are some more printable resources below that can be used to practice working out the missing numbers.

Wednesday 3rd March

Today we are recapping our basic subtraction skills. Please follow the link below to today's maths lesson and complete the activities that follow. 

There are also some printable subtraction activities below if you have access to a printer:

Thursday 4th March

Friday 5th March