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Week 2

Monday 1st March

We are continuing with the story of The Gingerbread Man this week. Today, I would like the children to have a go at sequencing the story. This can be done by writing what happened at the beginning, middle and end with a picture drawn next to it. Or there is a printable resource below that can be used instead:

Tuesday 2nd March - Wanted Poster for The Gingerbread Man

Help! The Gingerbread Man has run away and The Little Old Lady can't find him. We need to make a wanted poster to help people look out for him. This can be done on a piece of paper by drawing a picture of The Gingerbread Man and writing 3 words to describe him. (e.g. small, brown, sweet, fast, crunchy). There is also a printable resource below if you have access to a printer.


Don't forget to upload a picture of your wanted poster to Purrplemash for us to see and please bring it into school with you on Monday for us to display in our classroom.

Wednesday 3rd March - Writing Sentences

Using the prompt sheets below, I would like the children to write sentences about the pictures from the story. These could be simple sentences to describe what is happening in each picture or a sentence from the story. Use the word mats to support spelling; some children may need help writing the sentences, in this case it's fine for them to copy from an adult.

Thursday 4th March - Describing how the characters are feeling

Today I would like us to think about how each child may be feeling in the story. Discuss with your child how each character may feel at different points in the story. Write one word for each character; for example, sad, happy, scared, angry, hungry, etc.

Friday 5th March - Spelling/Handwriting Practice