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Week 2

Monday and Tuesday's work (27/4/20 and 28/4/20) 

Today you will need to use your plan to write your own character description of Iron Man - 

Things to remember:

- joined up writing

- capital letters/full stops

- paragraphs





Wednesday's work (29/4/20):

Editing day! Today with the help of your grown up you will need to read back through your character description and use a coloured crayon to underline and change any spelling mistakes. Are there any words you could underline in purple to change to even more exciting wow words?

Thursday and Friday's work (30/4/20 and 1/5/20)


Now you have done your editing - it is time to write up your work in best! Guess what you can all use a biro or handwriting pen to do it! Show me your best handwriting though as it might help me give out some more pen licenses! Remember to use any corrections in your neat, polished piece of writing!