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Week 3 (18.1.21)


 Go through the slides below to learn about where you might find a farm and about lots of different features that you would see if you went to a farm! 

Then click on the PDF 'Features of a farm sheet' to look at today's activity. Have a go at matching up the names and descriptions of each of the different features. In your exercise books/onto paper, write and underline the name of each feature, then write the correct description underneath.



Cow barn

Where the cows are milked.


Or if you'd prefer to print, you can draw lines to join up the boxes.





Read through the slides below about how we are all different - just like the colours in a rainbow! 

Create a poster that shows off everything unique about you, by writing something special about you in each part of a rainbow. It could include anything from how you look to what you are good at doing or enjoy doing : )


Below are some useful resources to help you complete the task:


*a rainbow template which you're more than welcome to print out or alternatively copy and draw into your exercise books/onto paper

* an example of the things you could write about 

*example of the rainbow colours

*a song you can singalong to, which will help you remember the colours of a rainbow

I can sing a rainbow - song

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue!


Today we're going to look at 'still life'! A still life is a drawing or painting that focuses on objects that are still; this means the objects never move! Have a look at the images in the slides below. The first one was painted by a famous artist called 'Paul Cezanne'. Artists like to also give their work a title (a bit like a book has one) and this piece is called 'The basket of apples'. The second image was painted by another famous artist called 'Caravaggio' and he named this piece 'A basket of fruit'. Both of these artists would have had the real fruit arranged in the baskets in front of them. This way they could look closely at the shapes and colours and paint them more accurately than if they did it from memory. The other images are examples of still life as well, but this time they have been sketched using pencils instead of painted.


Have a go!

Use some fruit and/or vegetables from home and arrange them in front of you. Then sketch what you see using a pencil! Take your time and look closely at the shapes of each of the items of food. 

I've uploaded a video you can watch below which shows someone sketching fruit in a bowl. (Remember it doesn't need to be perfect - sketching can be quick, lose and light; you don't need to press hard on your pencil)

Have fun! 



How to Sketch Fruits in Basket

Pencil Drawing Step by Step Tutorial


When we learn R.E, we think about different religions and beliefs people have - there are lots, and we should try to be accepting of whichever religion people choose to follow. 

In this lesson we're thinking about the Christian religion and how people who follow the Christian faith, believe the world was created. There are lots of different theories and beliefs about how the world was made however Christians believe that God created the world in seven days.

Have a look through the slides below to learn about the Christian creation story. Then have a go at drawing and labelling what they believe was created on each day (look at the example layout provided - please feel free to print or copy this layout onto paper/exercise books).



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