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Week 3 (18/1/21)


To learn all about arrays, go through the slides below and follow this link to the video centre to watch me explaining and modelling today's task.


Then choose either the MILD or SPICY tasks below to complete (choose which one you think will most appropriately challenge your child).


Write your answers in your exercise books/onto paper. For example:


4 x 2 = 8      There are 8 apples

  2 x 10 = 20     There are 20 oranges



Having pictorial representations or concrete objects should help grasp this concept more easily. 

You could either use real objects (lego, pasta) or draw dots onto scrap paper to recreate the images on the sheets. 


Or please feel free to print the sheet and write onto it if you'd prefer.



Today the children are writing out maths stories as they listen to them being read aloud.  

Watch the video linked on the blog where I give model an example of this, using the terminology we use at school.


Below I've uploaded the following documents to help with today's task:


- 'maths layout' - an example of how to lay out maths stories on squared maths paper

- 'addition maths stories (tens)' - a list of the maths stories that you can read aloud to your child slowly, and give them a chance to write them out as they listen to you

- 'maths vocabulary' - this is how we read out each part of the maths story for the children to write 

-'example script' - an example of how to read out and write a maths story (same as video link in blog)

- printable maths graph paper


Look through the slides below to learn all about 3D shapes.

Then have a go at the '3D Shapes Sorting' activity on Purple Mash.


Challenge: Can you find any objects around your house that are a cube, pyramid, cone, cylinder, sphere or cuboid shape?


See documents below to help with today's task!