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Week 3 - 20/9/21

Here are Monday 20th's home learning tasks:


Reading - have a go at the ly suffix activity and then have a go at finding the following words in a dictionary serious, gentle, simply, strength and write out their definitions.


Maths - have a go at writing out the maths stories - don't forget your funny writing and counting.


Writing - today I would like you to plan your own Stone Age themed story. Use the template from your writing group to help you.


Topic - today we are looking at Prehistoric houses - have a read through the powerpoint and then complete the activity.

Tuesday's home learning tasks:


Reading: have a read of the Stone Age poem below and answer the questions about the text.


Maths: we are looking at clockwise and anticlockwise today - see ifyou can work out the direction of turn on the maths PCM.


Writing: Today and tomorrow you will be writing your own Stone Age story - try to remember to use paragraphs, adjectives, adverbs and speech within your stories.


Art: Today I would like you to have a go at creating your own cave art. You can use mud and sand along with natural materials to create it - you can have a look at the cave art examples below!

Wednesday's home learning  tasks:


Reading: today I would like you to watch the Stone Age Boy audiobook on Youtube and then try to answer the reading comprehension questions below.


Maths: today is all about telling the time. Write out the times shown on each clock, you don't need to print them :)


Writing: today I would like you to finish writing your Stone Age themed story.


Topic: today I would like you to find out where in the UK the following Prehistoric monuments are:


1.  Men an toll 

2. Stonehenge 

3. Old Oswestry Hill Fort 

4. Belas Knap 

5. Maiden Castle 

6. Thornborough Henges 

7. Castle Rigg Stone Circle 

8. 9 Ladies Stone Circle 

9. Seahenge 

10. Flag Fen 

11. The Battersea Shield 

Thursday's home learning tasks! It is almost the weekend!


Reading: today I would like you to create a wanted job advert for a Stone Age hunter.  You can can draw a picture on your poster. Remember to write what the job involves and the type of person needed (use adjectives and noun phrases for this!)


Maths: today I would like you to find fractions of amounts - you can use resources (everyday objects) at home to help you!


Writing: today I would like you to edit your work using the checklist in the documents underneath! See which features you have included!



Yay! It's Friday - here are today's tasks!


Reading: create a book review for the Stone Age Boy - you can create your own template or use the one below.

Maths: ten minutes of times tables practice and then calculating distances - see ppt below.

Writing: today I would like you to use your edits from yesterday and write your story up in neat in pen! 

PE: have a go at a Joe Wicks work out :)