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Week 3 (21/9)

MONDAY: We can use words called conjunctions to join sentences together, like the word 'and'. Look at the ingredients the witch wants to add to her cauldron. Can you finish the sentences by adding the word 'and' and sounding out the other item.

TUESDAY: Click the link below to watch the video of Hip Hop Granny reminding us of what makes a good sentence - capital letters at the start, finger spaces between words and full stops at the end. Then have a go at writing some sentences of your own - in each sentence try to use a 'sh' word. There are some sh sound cards to give you ideas of what to write about and lined paper for you to print if you have the facilities. Don't forget to re-read your sentences to check they make sense! Feel free to draw a picture of what you've written about when you're done.

WEDNESDAY: A noun is a naming word. It can be a place, person or thing. On the Nouns sheet draw a picture of a place, person and thing - use the noun cards to help you. If you can, choose one noun to write a sentence about underneath.

THURSDAY: Use the wordbank to complete the sentences from the story The Three Little Pigs.

FRIDAY: Read the capital letters poster then complete the ticksheet. Remember: capital letters are used for names of people, places, days of the week, months of the year and for the pronoun I.