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Week 3 (21/9)

MONDAY: Last week we looked at garden scene 1 and talked about what time of day it was by looking at clues in the picture (position of the sun, what's on the table etc). Can you look at the garden scene 2 and see if you can answer some of the following questions. What time of day do you think it is now? Why? Where do you think the children are? What isn't in the picture that was before? How many dogs, cats, flower pots are there?

TUESDAY: Have a go at copying the maths stories. Take your time forming your numbers. Can you recognise the symbols and read out the maths story afterwards? Try to remember the actions we use for adding and equals.

WEDNESDAY: Watch the 'counting in tens' song and see if you can join in!

THURSDAY: Look at the grid and use it to find the correct shapes underneath. Count the number of sides and it will tell you the name of the shape!

FRIDAY: Add the numicon together! Choose one of the sheets to complete.