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Week 3

Handwriting practice - silent b and t

Monday 18th January - today I would like you to watch the video clip about the spelling rule for this week (silent b)


Then I would like you have a go at finding the following words from our new book in an online dictionary. Then try to find them in a thesaurus to find examples of words that mean the same e.g. old is the same as elderly, historical, worn


Words to find!

  • ancient
  • jostle
  • scroll
  • lurch


Write out the words in your exercise books and write their definition. You can also draw a picture to help you remember the word. See Miss Mabbott's example below to help!


Tuesday 19th January - read chapters 4 + 5 of Flat Stanley and talk to a grown up about what has happened in the chapters afterwards.  There is a slideshow of the pages below, or a copy of the book in pdf form if you can't see images. Alternatively, you can also listen to Miss Mabbott reading them to you in the video link below!


Flat Stanley - The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery by Jeff Brown

Wednesday 20th January - today I would like you to imagine you are Flat Stanley. I would like you to create a table of the positive things (good) and negative things (bad) about being flat. How many different things can you think of? Which is the best thing about being flat? Which would be the worst thing about being flat?

Positive things about being flat

Negative things about being flat









Thursday 21st January - please use chapters 4 + 5 to answer the questions in full sentences!

Friday 22nd January - spelling test day, then have a look at the picture below and answer the questions in your books in full sentences!