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Week 3

Monday 18th January - today I would like you to finish writing your letter, imagining that you are Flat Stanley. You need to do your 2nd and 3rd paragraph along with the signing off! Please see Miss Mabbott's example below to help you get started! Remember to use your plan to help you and not to copy my ideas as they are boring and yours are so much better!


Remember to write in paragraphs, use joined up writing, capital letters and full stops, emotive language (feelings), rhetorical questions and commas.


Tuesday 19th- today I would like you to read back through your letter and with a grown up find any spelling mistakes or any mistakes with capital letters/ punctuation (in school I would use a pink pen to show these). I would like you then to choose a different colour to correct these (in school we would use a purple pen). Then I would like you to begin to write up your letter in best (you may use a pen to do this - show me your best handwriting).  See Miss Mabbott's editing below!


We will then finish writing our letters up in best on Wednesday 20th.



Wednesday 20th January - today I would like you to finish writing your letter up in best - remember to use your edits that you made on Tuesday  to help you and then share your work on purple mash!
Thursday 21st January - our next type of writing we will be looking at is diary entries. One of the features of a diary entry is the use of past tense. Today you will need to watch the videos below, have a read through the powerpoint and have a go at the activity :) 

Grammar: verbs and tenses | Oxford Owl

Friday 22nd January - today I would like you to think of emotions (this is another feature of a diary entry) and adjectives to describe emotions. Then I would like you to create your own character emotion graph for Flat Stanley, thinking about his emotions across the five chapters that we have read so far. There are some examples below to help you complete this! A template is also below to help you draw the base of your graph you can print/trace or draw this out into your books.


Miss Mabbott's example!