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Week 4 (25.1.21)


Do you remember learning about Fairview Farm last week? Look through the slides below to remind yourself about the features and buildings found on a farm! Farmer Phil will also teach you about how we can use a map to find our way around his farm! 


Once you've had a go at finding some of the features on his map, try to create and draw up your own map using a key like he did! You can decide what features to put on your farm and where they will go. You can even give your farm a name! Use different patterns and colours like the ones below so we can tell the difference between each feature.


Read the map activity document for useful words/ideas that you can add to your key. I've also uploaded a template/example layout for drawing out your map and key. Feel free to print or alternatively do this in your exercise books/onto plain paper. 


Read through the slides below to learn more about why exercise is so important in order for us to stay healthy! Then make up your own exercise routine! You could video yourself doing it or draw pictures and label the different actions you've chosen to do! You could include anything from yoga positions (like in cosmic yoga), Joe Wicks moves, different types of jumps, dance moves or running!


Keep an exercise diary throughout this week. Log what exercises you do each day, how long you do it for and how it makes you feel :D 

I can't wait to hear what your favourite exercises were!


In our History lesson today, we're going to be thinking about kitchens in the past, particularly the appliances that were used in kitchens a long time ago. An appliance is something used in preparing food, such as a kettle, cooker or saucepan. Do you think kitchen appliances were the same a long time ago as they are now? Why might they have changed?


Have a look at the video below of how 'Celts' used to prepare food over 2000 years ago! Celts were people who lived during the Iron Age, in places like Cornwall and Wales! (It was called the Iron Age because they were the first to learn how to make tools out of iron!) Watch the video of Celtic cooking and see if you can spot them using an open fire to cook on and clay pots to put their food into! What other things can you see that they use to prepare food?


Then have a look through the slides below to learn about what a kitchen was like in Victorian times. This was over 120 years ago! (Remember, when we looked at homes in the past last term, we spoke briefly about the Victorian period and how it was called this because this is when Queen Victoria was ruling the country!) 


Once you've done this, have a go at the sheet below.

See if you can put the appliances in the correct order on the timeline. Remember a timeline is a display of things in chronological order (the order that they existed/happened).

You can either print out and work on the sheet or draw your own timeline and draw the different versions of the appliances onto it, making sure to label the different periods as they're shown on the sheet.

Celtic cooking

Iron age style cooking in clay pots on an open fire.



Today we're going to draw a self-portrait. This means a drawing of yourself - but not your whole body, just your face! You can either look in a mirror or a photograph of yourself so you can see what your features look like properly (eyes, nose, mouth, hair etc).

Look through the slides below showing you what steps you can follow to help you draw a self portrait. Just do it in pencil for today because tomorrow we're going to learn about a famous artist and will add some colour!


Look through the slides below to learn about Pop Art and the artist Andy Warhol! There are examples of his paintings that feature some famous people, like Muhammad Ali (a famous boxer) and Marilyn Monroe (a famous actress and singer). Did you notice that the artist used the primary colours red, yellow and blue in Marilyn Monroe's portrait?


Once you've gone through the slides, have a go at turning your portrait from yesterday into Pop Art, by adding bright, unrealistic colours!