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Week 4 (28/9)

MONDAY: Creative writing - Have a go at writing some sentences and in each sentence try to use a 'th' word. There are some th sound cards to give you ideas of what to write about and lined paper for you to print if you have the facilities. Don't forget to re-read your sentences to check they make sense, use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end of a sentence! Feel free to draw a picture of what you've written about when you're done.

TUESDAY: Use the conjunction 'and' in a sentence. Look at the pictures and use the joining word 'and' to say which two animals you saw at the zoo.

WEDNESDAY: Time conjunctions like first, next, finally, help clarify when to do something. In these instructions for how to make a little pig, fill in the gaps using the word bank below.

THURSDAY: 'Box up' what we know about the story The Three Little Pigs ready for when we write our story next week. Think about the characters and settings within the story, and what happens at the beginning, middle and end - try to summarise in a sentence what happens in each of these sections.

FRIDAY: Practice your pre-cursive handwriting - write the letters i l and t.