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Week 4

Monday 25th January - today I would like you to explore the first person. Have a read through the powerpoint and watch the video before having a go at writing a paragraph  in first person, in your books about what you did at the weekend.


e.g. At the weekend, I ....

On Saturday, I ....

Tuesday 26th January - today I would you to watch the videos about subordinating and coordinating conjunctions and then have a go at the activity below, writing out the sentences with a suitable conjunction.



Subordinating conjunctions:

Coordinating conjunctions:



Wednesday 27th January - today I would like you to identify all the features we have looked at so far in the diary below - use the checklist and record examples of these features in your books e.g. emotions and feelings = I was really excited about the trip yesterday. You may want to create a table like the one below...


Features of a diary



Does it include the date or time?



Is it written in first person?



Does it use past tense?



Does it have an introduction?



Is it written in chronological order?



Does it include emotions and feelings?


Does it use time conjunctions and adverbials?


Thursday 28th January - today I would like you to create a spider map of different ideas for your diary entry that you will be writing next week. You may want to think about which Flat Stanley character you could be (Flat Stanley, Amisi, Mr/or Mrs Lambchop, Sir Hawara) and think about what events from the story you might talk about in your diary (bazaar, the museum, helping Sir Hawara, meeting Flat Stanley). See an example below...

Friday 29th January - today we are going to be planning a diary. We are going to use our ideas from yesterday to choose a character who we will be writing in person as. There is a template with prompts on below to help - you might want to draw the grid out portrait (vertically) in your lined exercise books to help. Miss Mabbott's example plan is below too - please don't copy my ideas as they are boring - yours will be so much better than mine!