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Week 4

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne - 25/01/21

Handa's Surprise - Story Sequencing - 26/01/21

Handa's Surprise - 27/01/21

Today, I would like the children to choose 3 pictures and key words from the word mat below. In their purple exercise book, they can draw the pictures and then label them by copying the words from the word mat.

Handa's Surprise - My favourite part of the story is... 28/01/21

Today I would like to know what your favourite part of the story is. Write the sentence "My favourite part is.." and see if you can (with a grown ups help) fill in the gap. You can draw a picture of your favourite part or your favourite piece of fruit from the story.

Handwriting/Spellings Practice - 29/01/21