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Week 5 (01.2.21)


Look through the slides below to learn about how the different seasons can affect life on a farm!


Then make a seasonal wheel split into four parts (quarters). Draw a picture to show what happens on a farm during each season. To help you remember, you can go back and look at the slides. 


I've uploaded a blank template for you to either print or copy. I've also uploaded an answer sheet with the sorts of things you could draw in each season, if you get stuck.


Look through the slides below to learn about how we can keep our teeth healthy and why it's so important!

Then have a go at writing a set of instructions for how to brush your teeth!

Remember to number your steps and use time words (like First, Next, Finally) to help show the order. 

You can also use bossy verbs (action words) like brush, wash, spit. 


I've uploaded a template - feel free to print this or just use it to copy out the layout. I've also uploaded useful words and pictures for support : )

If you get stuck, go back and read the slides to help you remember the steps for how to brush your teeth.


Today we're going to plan a little experiment. We often carry out experiments in Science because we want to find out the effects of something or if certain things work/don't work and why!

Today we're thinking about the effect that sugar has on our teeth! We can’t experiment on our own teeth so we are going to use eggs to represent them, as the shell of an egg is made of a similar substance to tooth enamel! 


Read through the slides below to find how we can do this and see what equipment we will need.

I'll do this 'EGGS-periment' at school and post pictures of the results but you can also try it at home if you'd like!


Once you've gone through the slides, have a go at completing the planning sheet below (you can print and work onto the sheet or just copy out each heading and write into exercise books/onto paper). The last section says 'I predict that...'. A prediction means you are just making what I like to call 'a sensible guess'. Have a think about what you think could happen judging by what you learnt about sugary things and milk in yesterday's lesson!


You can find all the information you need to fill out the planning sheet on the slides, including how to spell certain words if they are tricky. I've uploaded a completed example too for support if you get stuck!


We're going to wait until Monday to reveal what the eggs look like and we'll write down some results then! 

I wonder what will happen!




In our History lessons this half term, we've been thinking about how and what people ate in the past. We've looked at some traditional British dishes and also learnt about a typical Tudor menu. Today we're going to learn about what it was like for people around 80 years ago during World War 2. 


Go through the slides below to learn all about food rationing. There is also a BBC clip you could watch to give you a better idea of what it was like back then (just watch this up to 1 minute 39 seconds as after that it goes on to talk about other things that were rationed as well as food so it might get a bit confusing). 


Once you've done this, look at the PDF sheets and have a go at sorting the different foods into the correct groups. You can draw and label pictures of each food into your exercise books/onto paper or you're more than welcome to print and work directly onto the sheet.

Look back at the slides if you get stuck!


Read through the slides below to learn about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo! 

Then have a go at making your own food art!


I've uploaded some images of different fruit and vegetables for ideas. You could print these out to cut and stick or you can copy and draw them. You could even use real fruit to make a 3D portrait. Think about the shapes of each food and think about which ones resemble certain facial features! Make it as colourful as you like!