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Week 5

Monday 29th June

It is time to finish writing up your work in best, from Friday! Guess what you can all use a biro or handwriting pen to do it! Show me your best handwriting though as it might help me give out some more pen licenses! Remember to use any corrections in your neat, polished piece of writing!

Tuesday 30th June - Time conjunctions/adverbs - read the powerpoint and complete the activity and test

Wednesday 1st July - Imperative verbs - read the powerpoint and complete the activities.

Thursday 2nd July - Plan your own medicine recipe!

Friday 3rd July and Monday 6th July - 

Today you will need to begin to write your own medicine recipe - using your plan. You have today and Monday to complete this task.


Things to remember:

- joined up writing

- capital letters/full stops

- commas (remember to put the after your time conjunctions e.g. Firstly, )

- adjectives 

- time conjunctions ( Firstly, next, meanwhile, before, then, after that, finally)

- imperative verbs ( put, mix, pour, stir, place)

- adverbs (gently, carefully, slowly, quickly)