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Week 5

Our story for this week is...The Enormous Turnip! (01/02/21)

Story Map and Pictures - 02/02/21

Read and Draw Activity - 03/02/21

Read or listen to the story again. Can your child draw and label pictures of these items/characters from the story? (Farmer, Turnip, Old Woman, Girl)

You can either use the printable activity sheet or just use the purple exercise book to draw and label the pictures.

"My Favourite Character is..." 04/02/21

Today, I would like the children to think about the characters in the story. Can they name them all? Who is their favourite? And why? In their purple exercise books, I would like them to draw a picture of their favourite character and copy out the sentence "My favourite character is..." filling in the gap at the end. Please remind them to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop at the end!

Spellings/Handwriting Practice - 05/02/21