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Week 5

Sorting 2D Shapes - 01/02/21

Watch the video below to recap some simple 2D shapes with your child. We will then look at how we can sort the shapes into different groups. During your daily exercise go on a 2D shape walk and spot shapes in the environment. Which 2D shapes can you spot inside your home? 

Please let me know on PurpleMash, the blog or via email which 2D shapes your child knows and which they are still struggling with.

Sorting objects according to size - 02/02/21:

Follow the link below to watch the video on sorting objects according to size. There is a printable task following it that involves the children sorting objects from 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' into groups of small, medium and large. There are also some other printable resources below aswell.

Positional Language - 03/02/21

Where is Teddy? Watch the video on the vlog or use this PowerPoint below and then see if your child can do the activity practically. Using a teddy or favourite toy, can your child tell you where you have placed it? 

One more - 04/02/21

Using the resources and Powerpoints below, see if your child can identify one more than a given number. For example, "What is one more than 2?" the answer would be "3". This task can be done in a practical way as well, ask your child to give you a certain amount of objects (0-10) and then ask for one more - how many do you have altogether?


One Less - 05/02/21